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NGU - Extenstion Set 2.0

NGU - Extenstion Set 2.0

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Nord Growing Unit (NGU) - expantions set is a part of the selfwatering system. This module is used to expand from the NGU startsection. The module makes it simple to expand a production and at the same time have the flexibility to choose where to set up the system. If it's outside, greenhouse, indoor or in a vertical growing system.

The selfwatering system is what makes you able to scale your production on in a more rationell way. The wateringsystem is using something called NFT, nutrient film technique, which means that water runs from one side to the other. The form of the channel has together with this watering technique will improve the aeriation from beneth and create a better structure for growing roots and minimizing the problem when it comes to an anaerob environment. The system is also built to reduce the amount if time you need to spend working in the production.

We recommend you to try our testsystem if you are interested to understand how the system works, which contains 4 modules. This will make you understand how it all works and comes together before you decide to expand. If you have any questions regarding the system or if you want to set upp a larger system, the contact us at





Techniqual Information


3P - Vattenuppsammlare - 2 st
3P - Fäste för vattenuppsammlare - 4 st
3P- Vattenfördelare - 1 st
3P - Vattenuppsammlare underdel -  2 st
Slang 19 mm - 12,5 cm - 2 st
Slang 19 mm - 8 cm (bak) - 1 st 
Slang 19 mm - 6 cm (fram) - 1 st
Slang 13 mm LDPE - 11 cm - 1 st
Slang 13 mm Flex - 20 cm - 1 st 
Slang 6 mm - 10 cm - 1 st
Slang 6 mm - 2 cm - 1 st
13 mm line x 4 mm branch - 1 st
Vari-Flow Valve TM barb x barb 4.5mm - 1 st
Mutter (M8) - 4 st
Gängstång - 20cm (M8) - 2 st
Buntband Stor - 4 st
Förpackning - Brun - 1 st
Tee 19 mm - 2 st

Download the PDF Installation guide for 2.0 (no signups needed)

the system does't contain any channels.

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