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Microgreen Growingkit - Nordamark Channel System

Microgreen Growingkit - Nordamark Channel System

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Download growing pdf here

Microgreens contain a high nutritional value; different flavours depending on variety and grows fast which have made them very popular product to grow.

You can grow microgreens in many different ways. This instruction will explain how you grow microgreens using the Nordchannel and hempfiber instead of the more traditional way of growing it using trays and soil. You can find instructions on our YouTube channel on how to grow both ways.


The reason we developed the channel was that we had a lot of problems when we scaled our production using soil and trays. Mould, spores, watering issues and a lot of labour plagued the production which made it less economically feasible. 

The founder of the company started to grow microgreens at home at the kitchen table and then expanded the operation to a medium sized indoor vertical farm. We wanted to incorporate this concept from the start. What we mean with this is that you can start growing using the Nordchannel at your kitchen table then with more or less the same equipment scale the operation from a microoperation (your kitchen) to a small or even medium sized production facility if the grower wants.

You use more or less the same production method during the scaling, which makes the expansion more manageable and less daunting.

We will improve and add parts that will improve your growing experience bit by bit. Most of our parts are made using our 3D printers to create flexibility and space for creativity.


We hope that you want to participate in driving the future of our urban food production forward. The founder of Nordamark started right where you are now, at home by the kitchen table.

Techniqual Information

4 x channels 27 cm
6 x hemp fiber mats 25 cm
 2 x seedbags 40 g (radish//broccoli)
1x 68x14cm solid tray


microgreen growing kit, hemp fiber, microgreens, soilless, startkit


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