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Testkit 2 - 4 sets 2.0

Testkit 2 - 4 sets 2.0

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Grow Microgreens using our soilless wateringsystem that uses a NFT hydropnic watering method. This is a soilless growing system that utilise hempfiber as growmedia. This testkit will help you understand how the system works and how it's put together.  


1x NGU - Startset
3x NGU - Extension set
1x NGU - Endset - Flexihose Outlet Small
10x Nordchannel 115 cm

Download the PDF Installation guide for 2.0 (no signups needed)

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  • Harvest with Knife

    Harvest microgreens growing on hempfiber using a knife. Thanks to how the microgreens is grown in the channel and because of the low sides of the channel harvesting has never been easier!

    Video 1 - Harvest 1

    Video 2 - Harvest 2

  • Package live samples in cartons

    Save time and money by packaging live microgreen samples directly from the microgreen channels into the carton. No harvesting needed! This has shown to provide more value to the customers and usually garners a premium price.

    Video 1 - Live sample packaing

    Video 2- Live Sample package

  • Deliver samples directly in the channels

    Use our smaller 27 and 54 cm channels and deliver products directly to your customers. This works best if you have regular customers who you visist every week.

  • Size Matters

    Building and planning a growroom can be hard. This is way we recommend to start with a testkit 2 to test on a small scale at first, and when you feel comfortable you can expand it bit by bit.

  • Size matters 2

    The testkit 2 takes up roughly 65 cm in width and each set takes up about 16 cm each. If you are planning multiple levels, about 50 cm between each works well!

  • Flexible mounting

    Thanks to uppgrading to 2.0 we have introduced a flexible mouting system. This means you have a range between 2-7 cm where you can attach the plastic mounting.

    Video 1 - Adjusments

  • Flexible mounting 2

    Build your rack using a aluminium extrusion 2020 or buy a second hand pallet rack or simply build your own using wood.

  • Water

    We recommend a 13mm or 1/2 inch tube and pump for the inlet to the system. The outlet consists of tube of 19mm or 3/4" inch tube.

  • Water 2

    The water flows from the 13mm inlet to each channel and drips out from each 6mm tube. some water will pass thought the regulator and some will flow out from the front.

  • Pressure regulator

    Use the water pressure regulator to make sure each channel recives about 2 dl of water every min.

  • Not included

    The pump and water reservoir dosnt come with the system and have to be bought seperatly. the circulation tank can be bought in a aqurium store or any hydropnic store. The water reservoir can be bought from any hardware store, make sure it's not a transparant box.

Basic package includes:

1x NGU - Startset
3x NGU - Extension set
1x NGU - Endset - Flexihose Outlet Small
10x Nordchannel 115 cm

  • Basic wooden frame

    Build a basic wooden frame with 2x4.

  • Testkit 2 + smaller channels

    Use our smaller 54 cm and 27 cm channels in the system. Great way if you want to deliver samples directly on the channels.

  • An uppgraded testkit 2

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Customer Reviews

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w - 895 079 RUB 0Z0N tkb - 895 079 RUB 0Z0N tkb
Home farm

Simple to assembly. I built it on OSB plate. working good. For watering i use cheap aquarium pump 25w with cheap mechanical timer.

Nuno Feio Feio
A whole new level of overpriced bad quality components

I know this is a dev kit but damn, components that arrive deformed from 3d printing and don’t have the correct form to fit together/get stuck? I’m sorry but for the price you charge the quality is alarming, I’d honestly rate 2 stars but the design seems good, will update after testing. Disappointed.


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