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Hempfiber for microgreens - (Roll)

Hempfiber for microgreens - (Roll)

Hempfiber a soilless growing media for microgreens.

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Product info

  • Soilless growing method
  • Hydroponic growmedia for microgreens, makes microgreens easy to grow!
  • The hempfibermat thickness can be 10 mm, 8 mm, or 3 mm.
  • 100% natural hempfiber and can be used in organic growing methods in EU.
  • The hempfiber absorbs and contains the water and at the same time gives you an optimal enviroment for roots. Combine it with the microgreen channel and your microgreens will love you!
  • Can be composted after usage
  • Available sizes

15m x 10 cm x 10mm (LxWxH) (1,5 m2)

15m x 10 cm x 8mm (LxWxH) (1,5 m2)

25m x 10 cm x 3mm (LxWxH) (2,5 m2)


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Hempfiber for micorgreens

Hempfiber a soilless growing media for microgreens.

It's a realtive new growing media that has started to be used more and more.

It has good properties of comtaining air pockets and can hold a lot of water. If you look at it from a enviroment perspecitve you have a material that is sustainable and can be composted after usage.

Comparing hemp with soil you get other benfits like less mess during production, problems regarding problems like mold and fungus that can come from soil is reduced, and also the weight is reduced compared to soil. This makes the hemp a good material to use in a more urban setting.