How the system works

1. Introduction

What is the system all about?


  • Soilless production
  • Automatic watering
  • Scale step by step
  • Grow and deliver live microgreens to customers
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2. How does the planting work?

How the 54 cm microgreen channel used in production


  • How to prepare the hempfiber
  • How to prepare channels
  • Seeding on hempfiber
  • How mush watered is added
  • How germination is done by stacking channels
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3. Comparison Test

Planting a microgreen channel with hempfiber vs tray with soil


  • How quick is it to plant using hempfiber and channel
  • Planting trays with soil
  • There are ofcourse benefits and downside with both systems!

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4. Why is two channels used?

How can we improve effiency in the production using two channels?


  • Why two channels is used per slot in the system
  • How time = money in larger productions
  • Making sure the channels is placed correctly

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5. Setting up your first grow station

A sample build


  • Using a pallet rack to build a small grow station

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6. Harvesting, packing and delivering

Harvest directly from the channel or package live samples

  • Harvesting using a knife

    Use a knife to harvest just above the roots. Packing your microgreens in plastic containers.

  • Packaging live samplese

    Package your microgreens as live samples using our carton. This can greatly increase your value.

  • Microgreens direclty on the channel

    instead of packaing your microgreens in plastic containers or in our carton, deliver them directly in the channels.

7. Teskit 2

How to set up for first small production


  • Learn the basics of the system by starting with a testkit 2
  • This will help you understand how the system works and how it's put togather.

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