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Microgreen Growing Channel - 27 cm

Microgreen Growing Channel - 27 cm

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 Production of microgreens can be done in many ways, the majority of producers today use trays and soil. In our production we wanted to get way from soil because of issues related to it. This is way we developed the channel. The channel is the base in our growing system and use a precut hemp fiber mat, which is both sustainable and compostable, but you can also use cocos or rockwool if you have that. 

What makes the channel interesting is that you can start at home then scale up the production by adding the selfwatering system later on. The channels acts as a germination chamber when you stack them, which provide a good environment the seeds to sprout. Use the system as a hobby or at a commercial scale. We will add more tools and products to continue to improve the growing plattform with the channels.


Techniqual Information

Size: 270x113x32 (mm) (LxWxH)

Material: PVC (Foodgrade)



Microgreens, Growing system, soilless, hemp fiber, growing channels


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